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So I saw the Star Trek movie last night! Woohoo!!! Ended up babbling my ear off to the head projectionist about the various eras of Trek and how TOS wasn't actually the first one and there was this guy called Pike and OMG don't you know the Borg were more badass when they first came along before the Federation started beating them all the time and about Q shoving the Enterprise into that first cube's path and then time travel and how the Borg let their kin know of earth during the time of Archer and....

One long babble.

In any case, after sufficiently bewildering said head projectionist (with the aide of a co-worker of mine who though not actually a Trekker does know his stuff) we went int to watch it in two groups, me and him in one screen and the others in another screen that started about five/ten minutes later. And it was good. Loved it, I really did (though granted I would not be the best film critic in the industry) and I loved it for what it is. The actors are not the original actors but they still fit into their roles rather well.

More notes behind the cut and need I say it? SPOILERS!!!



The biggest ones need to be highlighted to be read, so don't worry too much


In short a GREAT film that I love and adore it. It isn't exactly the same as the original but how could it be? To expect that would be foolish. It is what it is, a new Trek movie with new actors playing characters and relationships we're already familiar with in an era before we knew them. And though there will always be things in it that I'm not happy with and every person will have their own sticking points....

Loved it.

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Guess what's in these boxes?


Seriously, the Star Trek movie is in those boxes. The two big and square ones at the front, not the others. They're trailers. Trek is also in a couple other boxes of the same size that you can't see because they're already up in projection as they arrived yesterday. That's right, the movie came in two batches on two days which is rather unusual, but one film being in several boxes is par for course. Wouldn't fit an entire film into one box, not unless it were a Short. That or in a box you couldn't transport all that easily and these are heavy enough as it is! But Star Trek, Kirk and Spock and McCoy and Adventure and YAY are in those two boxes right there.

It's fun working at a cinema every blue moon.

Best bit? There's supposed to be a staff preview tomorrow night for those who want to come see it. For two reasons - one being that something like this we need to know the film is okay and good for customers before we start showing it or many refunds and complaints ensue. Two? I would literally kill them all if they don't do a staff preview and they've known this for about a year. Several others would be a bit upset but I'd kill them and I think there's a manager who'd help me to the get away car after.

But yay!

First Entry

May. 2nd, 2009 07:11 pm
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Hello all!

Or more like hello anybody who accidentally gets on here - I've just opened this account and want to get this first post out of the way so I can see how to format things and such. I'm rather excited about this place because it could be fantastic and who knows, fandom may move here after it finally run from LiveJournal as it has for the past few years.

Just got back from work, oh joy. Outside right thigh hurts when I walk or go up/down stairs which is yay fun but thankfully so much interesting stuff happened to make up for it. I wish. Need to get a new job some time, hopefully in a library or similar.


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